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The Town of Hardwick Electric Department (HED) is a not for profit, locally owned municipal electric utility. We are governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners and serve approximately 4,350 customers in eleven Vermont towns with approximately 325 miles of transmission/distribution facilities. HED’s staff works where you work, shops where you shop, and we raise our families in the same communities where our customers raise their families.

HED has a proud history of providing electric service to our customers since 1897. In 1912 HED began serving customers with power generated at our Lamoille River hydroelectric facility in Wolcott, Vermont. This renewable energy facility has been improved and maintained for over 110 years, and the 1,000-kilowatt generator presently provides 10% of all energy needs for HED customers annually.

H11 Project

In 2021, HED added the H11 (named for Hardwick and the eleven towns served by HED) to our energy portfolio. This is a ten-acre 1,650 kilowatt PV solar generation facility and will provide 6% of all energy needs for HED customers annually. The project was developed on behalf of all HED customers, and the cost for the energy generated is less than half the cost of net metering energy. This fact is a critical component in helping HED meet one of our most important goals – which is to provide reliable and affordable electric power services. H11 is just one of HED’s overall renewable energy portfolio which includes nuclear, hydroelectric, landfill gas, other solar, as well as Vermont Standard Offer generation plants.

H11 Project

If your electric power is off, please try the following:

Check your service panel..are any breakers/fuses open? Turn your main breaker all the way off and then back on.

**Please note that your main breaker may be outside at your meter location**

If you cannot remedy the problem and need to call the HED Outage Center for assistance, please be prepared to provide your name, account number and physical location.

The dispatcher has a list of questions which must be completed as part of the critical step of obtaining important information for crews to restore your service as quickly and safely as possible.

Contact Us

Phone: 802.472.5201
Fax: 802.472.6769

Report an Outage: 888.472.5201

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 516
Hardwick, VT 05843

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